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JRuby commit flag

by Tim Felgentreff ,

Mid-term is almost upon and there are quite a few notable changes, but not much to show.

If have spent most of my time getting various gems to compile. Upon a request from konstantinhaase/rkh I looked into getting the Thin webserver to run. After some tinkering it compiled and ran. Benchmarks run, too, but print no numbers (they don’t with REE, either, at least for me). I tried running this very blog with Thin on JRuby, it won’t process requests right now, though. This is probably a problem with my rb_str* method implementations. I am still looking into this.

Apart from that I have gotten the official C-Api specs to run. The changes needed are at timfel/rubyspec. Also, I have been given commit access to the main repository at The cext branch is now the playground for Wayne Meissner and me. While Wayne is focussing on speed and synchronization, I am more focused on getting gems to run, no matter how. I don’t expect any speed wonders from this C-Api anytime soon.

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