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by Tim Felgentreff ,
The works on this page by Tim Felgentreff and others are here published with All rights reserved.
  • Lively Object Groups Shared Behavior in a World of Objects (Philipp Tessenow, Lauritz Thamsen, Tim Felgentreff)
  • Online Object Tracing
  • Live VM Migration (Tobias Pape, Tim Felgentreff - in German)
  • Bachelor Thesis (Tim Felgentreff, Lysann Kessler, Christina Palm, Stephanie Platz, Frank Schlegel, Philipp Tessenow): Debug Tools for Orchideo - Debugging in an MDSD and Aspect-oriented Development Environment
  • Similarity Join on Hadoop An Evaluation of the Hadoop Map/Reduce Environment (Andrina Mascher, Tim Felgentreff)

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